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Let The Job Search Begin!

26 Mar

Let The Job Search Begin!


The Brunette Abroad: Hangin’ Loose in Hawaii

13 Mar

Aloha Readers!

Now that my last college spring break is over, I wanted to take the time to reflect on my final experience abroad last summer. On our flight back from Australia, we decided to take a seven day pit stop in Hawaii. My mind is especially wandering to the beautiful white sand beaches while I am stuck in the stormy, snowy weather of the Midwest.

Our extensive amount of luggage was a comical sight to see. After 3 months living out of a suitcase in Australia, we were forced to lug all of this crap to our hostel. The cab driver was not very happy with us.


We stayed in a hostel in Honolulu, Hawaii right off the coast of Waikiki Beach. Our group of five girls stayed in a room with various visitors from Norway, China, Germany and of course, the US. The second we got settled into our rooms, we headed right to the beach to catch up on our tans. It seemed like a good idea at the time…


Afterwards we came inside from a long day of relaxation to major sun burns… YIKES. Let me just add we wore SPF 30 and still woke up the next day fried to a crisp.


Our second day started out with a heavy dose of SPF 90 along with cotton t-shirts in order to hike Diamond Head National Park. Old volcano’s and ancient WWII bunkers kept us preoccupied until we reached the top. We caught a breathtaking sight of Honolulu making the sweltering hike 100% worth it..


as well as goofing off with some other great sights along the way…


Our next big adventure consisted of a night out with our hostel roommates, who happened to be from California. We decided to pub crawl 5 different bars downtown and it was a total blast! We spent the night meeting a ton of new friends from all over the world and dancing the night away. I am happy to call those roomies my friends still to this day! 🙂


The next day was followed with a very special visit to the Pearl Harbor Memorial Site. My friend Cortney and I woke up early in order to pay our respects to all of the brave soldiers who gave their lives fighting for our freedom during WWII almost 72 years ago. I have to admit I cried like a baby after taking the charter out to the USS Arizona Memorial placed above one of the sunken battleships. The whole experience was mind-blowing and something I will never forget. It served as a great reminder of how proud I am to be American…



To conclude our incredible stopover on the island of Oahu, we decided to attend a traditional Luau at Germiane’s. The crew got all dressed up for a night of hawaiian food and entertainment. Each of us was adorned with a beautiful shell lei upon our arrival and handed our drink tickets for the night. We enjoyed an extensive buffet of all you can eat Hawaiian foods including roast pig, pineapple, pu pu, coconut cake and much more. Once we settled back to our seats after piling on our plates with heaps of authentic foods, we watched a show full of impressive polynesian dancing. Each dance was from a different Pacific Island including Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Samoa. We witnessed everything from traditional hula and fire dancing to combat dances with sticks. It was one of the coolest performances I have ever seen!




The Hawaiian Islands are exactly what the media cracks them up to be. I’ve never seen a more naturally stunning environment like the beaches of Oahu. Most of the locals were friendly and absolutely glow with the passion they contain for their homeland. I would recommend visiting Hawaii to each and everyone of my friends, as it’s so full of beauty, serenity, excitement and relaxation.

This post concludes the last of my study abroad installment to my blog. Be sure to check out the rest of my posts featuring my experiences interning in Australia and feel free to post any comments/questions if you are curious about traveling abroad!



Summer 2013 Moroccan Inspired Photoshoot

9 Jul

While traveling to the Gold Coast this past weekend I stumbled upon this photoshoot in my Glamour, June 2013 magazine. How stunning are the colors and theme? Makes me want to fly to Thailand and ride the elephants in a bikini (okay maybe not a bikini), but definitely a swingy skirt and crop top 😉






Credit: Behati Prinsloo by Bruce Weber for Glamour US June 2013

I especially love all the mix of print and bright colors for summer. Comfy fabrics with a loose fit is perfect for the beach. Just add a layer of dainty gold necklaces, or thick leather beaded bracelets with sea salt sprayed waves for the ultimate bohemian look!

 Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 10.59.50 PM

The Brunette Abroad: Traveling, Interning & Experiencing Australia

29 Jun

Hello fellow travelers, adventure seekers, study abroaders, fashionistas and/or curious ones!


This is my first post since I have experienced life in Australia for a month and it’s about time I’ve shared the breathtaking beauty and amazing experiences I’ve had so far with all of you! For the newcomers, this is my first time in Australia and I am interning in Sydney for 3 months on my summer break at a company called Pretty Girl Fashion Group doing public relations and marketing.

IMG_1283My internship has proven to be everything I hoped and more. I work alongside a team of graphic designers, marketing executives, photographers, and artistic directors for 9 hours straight Mon-Fri. Each person is brilliant in their field and has a lot of knowledge to share. Everything I am learning is completely new to me, but refreshingly challenging and creatively stimulating.

I have had the pleasure of working on launching a new e-commerce site for one of our upcoming brands, BeMe. I’ve helped out with the creation and execution of our latest photo shoot with Rockmans. I am responsible for competitor reviews, “As Seen In” columns, communication with editors of magazines and marketing executives of our various shopping centers , as well as implementing and planning details of our events like store openings and charities.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my long days at the computer doing your average intern work as well. Anything from copying down written files into word documents, to recording lists from our ausblog2meetings is fair game as well. Nobody said intern life was going to be fabulous all the time, but it is totally worth it!

When I am not at work, I am taking in the sights as much as I possibly can! I have currently wandered all around the Sydney area including the Opera House, Bondi Beach, Darling Harbor, Manly Beach, Hunter Valley, and the Blue Mountains to name a few. What incredible trips they have been. From wine-tasting and surfing, to dancing with Aboriginals and hiking, my experience abroad has been one I will never forget. The other interns and I have had a blast getting to know some of the locals and enjoying the amazing variety of food and shopping the city has to offer. Sydney is absolutely stunning, and I am convinced I am exactly where I am suppose to be.

A few things I have learned since embracing the Aussie culture:

1. Learn to love face-fulls of salt water


2. Get used to paying ridiculous amounts of money for minimal food


3. Never take the beauty of your home for granted


4. “No Worries Mate” is the motto to live by


5. Prepare for random whale encounters, perhaps even 6 feet in front of you


6. Drink like a fish, and then drink some more


7. Public transport sucks, no matter how popular it is


8. Live every moment like it could be your last!


Stay tuned for more details of my experiences at work and my travels outside the city. I look forward to what is to come in these next 2 months and getting the opportunity to share it all with you!


Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 10.59.50 PM

Internship Abroad in Australia

25 Apr


WOW, what a crazy month I have had! Between putting on a collegiate dance recital, preparing for my summer abroad, and trying to keep up with classes and work, I have finally got a chance to share some exciting news. I have officially accepted an internship in Sydney, Australia with a privately owned retail fashion business, Pretty Girl Fashion Group.

ImagePGFG operates over 400 retail fashion outlets and owns four ladies fashion brands; Rockmans, BeMe, W. Lane, and Table Eight. Rockmans is a trendy line with the latest looks, BeMe is a plus size line offering the latest fashion, W. Lane is a basics and essentials line, and Table Eight is a work wear and suiting line. PGFG specializes in affordable wear for their customers. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work within their corporate office to gain more experience in fashion public relations.

I leave for Australia in exactly 20 days. My internship is scheduled for 12 weeks, Monday-FridayImage with full work days. I will be staying with a host family throughout my entire stay, which should prove to be very interesting. It is my hope to travel throughout Australia as much as I can as well as visit New Zealand and possibly Thailand. We fly back in mid August and stop in Hawaii for a one week vacation!

I’m allowed two bags to check for three months, so you can imagine my distress. I am suppose to work a fashion internship with Imagelimited clothing options to pack! So from here on out I am trying to plan accordingly and stock up on all my products to take over with me. It will be winter when I arrive in Australia (still about 60 degrees) so I am pretty clueless as to what sort of clothes to pack, especially color wise. I’m craving to wear all my U.S. summer clothes and colors but I do not think that will be an option for me. Sounds like lots of layering will be involved, which I do not hate, it just requires a lot more stuff to pack (hello vacuum sealed bags).

I am beyond excited for such a wonderful opportunity. This is all a new experience for me, so if anyone has helpful tips for traveling I would really appreciate the insight.

G’day Mate!


Fashion PR Through Photos

12 Mar


What are the images on your social media platforms saying about your company? Each of your readers are going to have a different learning preferences. Some find content more appealing with audio, some with video, and some with interactive links. However if you are like me, you enjoy content with plenty of eye appealing pictures.

fblogThe way you use a photo has influence over who engages it. Maybe you want to reference a big story in the news by using a powerful image, or perhaps you want to make your followers laugh with a funny meme. Intially you want your audience to follow through to the content that belongs to you. By taking your own photos, followers will get to know your image both professionally and personally. In comparison to popular belief, you don’t need to hire a photographer to make your company and products look engaging!

Instagram is a great app for visually representing your business. You can fblog2upload images straight from your cell phone and edit, crop, and revamp the coloring to fit your fancy. By following other users and companies, you have access to all of their images to like and comment as you please. Instagram can be used for a lot of “behind the scenes” shots and fun images that represent yourself as well as your products. LuLuLemon, American Eagle, and Esther Boutique are wonderful examples of successful Instagram profiles that do a great job of marketing their brand. Use hashtags (targeting words) to more successfully reach your audience.

If you are marketing an event, snap a collage of photos using the Pic Stitch app. Pic Stitch lets you add multiple photos in one image, along with editing options. Think about photographing intimiate details of the event, such as theme decor or a staple event piece. Include images of people dressed up, like celebrities or important investors. Lastly include a behind the scenes picture that only your followers have access to. It will make them feel more involved in the event, and it gives them an initiative to stay connected to your company.

blog 04If you are marketing a product or service, think of new ways of getting your audience involved. This past summer, Victoria Secret had girls tag their bikini’s on Instagram with the hashtag #VSteenybikini showing off their bikini in various settings other than on themselves. BikiniBird hosts Instagram contests giving away clothing items just for “regramming” a picture of that particular clothing in a new and creative way and sharing it with a hashtag. This way you are reaching more people, keeping your followers active, and still marketing your product!

Most importantly, be creative! Show images that represent your brand with pride and personality. You want these photos to say everything about your business without having to say a word. Be sure to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. You will want to link your website to the photos so your followers know where to get more information.

I hope this insight gives you a better idea of how to really show off what you have to offer in the fashion business.

Good luck, get creative, and snap away!

Rachel, x0x

Public Relations in Fashion

28 Jan


There are many different kinds of PR jobs. Some are for entertainment, some are for corporate companies, some are for sports, but today we are talking about one of my favorites, fashion PR. Public Relations in the fashion industry is fast moving and very time consuming. We are talking living and breathing fashion 24/7.

So What Exactly is Fashion PR?


Fashion PR is basically all operations regarding name, the brand, press, image, magazine credits, and events regarding a designer. The job is to make sure the company’s image is presented in the best way possible. According to Lindsey Green, Director of Communications for Jill Stuart, you spend your days focusing on gaining exposure for a line, whether is communicating with editors and seeing what styles they need for upcoming shoots, talking to celeb stylists and coordinating which looks would be great for their clients, setting up photo shoots and interviews and generally handling all business that is designer related.

There are ups and downs to entering such a fast paced industry. Along with long hours, the fashion world is consistently changing.
brandsYou must be adaptable. Expectations are high as far as your performance and connections. However, some ups include attending special events, mingling with other fashion professionals, and fashion perks depending on the brand you work for.
Overall, I think the work could be worth the reward! If you love something enough, you will put the effort into the job you want. Don’t ever let a career’s reputation control your drive to work within your desired field, because who knows…you could end up being the next Kelly Cutrone. You’ll never know unless you give it a shot!
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